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WHB is a state of the art butchery and abattoir in Northern Kenya. All of our livestock is selected from farms and ranches across Laikipia. The steers and lamb are holistically raised and 100% grass fed, before being slaughtered with respect and compassion. The beef is hung in the cold room for 28 days and lamb for 5 days before being broken down into the different cuts and vacuum packed for distribution.​​​

Our philosophy is to source the best naturally raised beef and lamb and offer the product from farm to table. We work with farmers who produce sustainably reared and nutritious meat and our relationship with the farmers is hugely important.


Regenerative farming is better for the animal, better for the farmer, better for the environment and better for you. There is now a great opportunity for discerning customers to identify more proactively, with what we hope will be the most exciting range of naturally raised beef and lamb from the region. 

The higher carbon emissions of the beef industry are not caused by pasture-raised, natural cattle- they are the result of industrialised feedlots. All of our suppliers use holistic rangeland management systems to promote the biodiversity of their pastures and to keep the grass in its most active growth phase. During this active growth phase the grass converts enough carbon into sugars to create the balance. That nutrient-rich grass then gives our beef its intense, long lasting flavour. This approach is not new, we are replicating a far older system that herbivores in massive migratory herds were doing on a much grander scale for millenia. Buy grass fed beef as it is better for you and the planet!

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The Well Hung Butcher Ltd

Meru - Nanyuki Road

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