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We are passionate not only about meat but also about delicious smoked meat! In 2021 we had an Offset Smoker custom made for us by The Rusty Fundi in Nairobi. We have sourced sustainable wood for the smoking process - Acacia, Guava & Mexican Ash and currently smoke beef bacon, beef ribs and pastrami.


Acacia Smoked Beef Ribs

Acacia Smoked Beef Ribs. The ribs are pre cooked for 10 hours in the smoker and just need re heating!

Acacia Smoked Beef Ribs

Guava Smoked Beef Bacon. Our bacon comes from the hump and is brined before being smoked for 8 hours.

Guava Smoked Bacon

Guava Smoked Beef Bacon

IMG_4489 copy.jpg
Pastrami. Smoked for 14 hours!



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